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Pipe Ramming

Pipe ramming is a versatile technology for trenchless installation of steel casings — in adverse soil conditions. Another EJM Pipe Services specialty, pipe ramming, works in any direction from conventional horizontal pipe ramming to vertical pile driving. Because there's usually a minimal need or no need for backstops, there's more flexibility working in confined spaces or where ramming angles simply wouldn't allow a backstop.

With regular pipe ramming, air pressure is customarily used to expel the spoils inside the casing. However, depending on the size of the project we can also remove spoils using many different techniques. With EJM Pipe Services' expertise and other equipment, we have even greater flexibility to couple ramming with other technologies. For example, we can use our auger to clean out casings which have been rammed into place.

Pipe ramming can also assist directional drilling applications where rocky soils are present. The rammer creates a "clean hold" so the directional drill can more effectively do its job. You can count on EJM Pipe Services to precisely tailor ramming and other equipment to meet the demands on your job site.

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